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2 min readAug 17, 2020


I feel so much better about Biden for President when he’s standing in the background behind Kamala Harris. Don’t you?

I’ve gotten a major lift of spirits with Harris becoming the VP nominee. I wasn’t enthusiastic about her in the primaries because she seemed to be trying to please everyone. She blew it with me when she turned away from Medicare for All.

But it turns out, according to some commentators, the fact that she has taken positions all over the political map makes her a stronger candidate NOW. Who knew?!?

Whatever Trump accuses Harris of, she’s also done something on the opposite side. Accuse her of being soft on crime? Not according to her record as California’s attorney general! Accuse her of being a harsh prosecutor of people of color? She marches in Black Lives Matter protests!

And it says something good about Biden that he chose as his running mate the primary opponent who attacked him most forcefully.

Pardon my euphoria, but she is the most qualified to be President, of all the women Biden considered — except of course Warren. But you know, I’m sorry, since Biden will be the oldest President ever, Warren’s age worried me. Biden needs a significantly younger VP.

And I’m just giddy about Biden declaring himself a “transitional” President, pretty much saying he won’t run for re-election and implying that he very seriously intends his VP choice to succeed him.

As a San Franciscan, I remember Harris’s courageous stand against the death penalty when a policeman was killed. Senator Feinstein called a meeting where she howled for blood before a huge audience in a big cathedral. It was so disgusting. I was sure Harris would buckle. It was the political thing to do. But she had campaigned for DA on an anti-death penalty platform. And she stood by her promise.

Now, don’t tell me Harris will disappoint me sooner or later. I know that, silly. I’m hoping for later rather than sooner.

ALSO, an observation: Nobody has mentioned that Kamala Harris is beautiful. I think that’s just great. BOTH things are great: The fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous and the fact that it’s considered inappropriate to remark upon it. Perhaps we HAVE come a long way, baby!

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