First, The Good News….

Let us pause for a moment to savor what happened in Georgia. Very soon a Black preacher and a Jew will be walking into the Senate to represent that peach of a state, Georgia.

Raphael Warnock is the first Black Democrat elected to the Senate by a former Confederate state.

Jon Ossof is the first Jewish Senator elected by a Southern state since 1879.

Warnock has been working on social justice issues as a pastor for his entire career as a minister.

Ossof was an intern in the office of the great Congressman John Lewis. He is 33 years old, the youngest person elected to the Senate since Joe Biden in 1973.

Warnock’s opponent, Kelly Loeffler, is half-owner of the WNBA team, the Atlanta Dream. Because of Loeffler’s racist remarks, many team members campaigned against her…

…And they’re now demanding that she sell her share of the team.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “Something is happening and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mister Republican?”

I just love the expression on those women’s faces. Usually, people are SMILING when they’re posing for a photo to show their support of a candidate. But these women mean SERIOUS BUSINESS. They are risking their careers by wearing those t-shirts. The WNBA has been out in front, leading other professional athletes to become politically outspoken, to use their public platform to fight for change.

I don’t really have any bad news I want to talk about. But I just want to say that it is ridiculous to expect Vice-President Pence to lead in ousting his boss through the 25th Amendment. Not only is it not Pence’s style or character or politics. But he would become a marked man. For the rest of his life, he would live in fear of the Trump crazies looking to take him out. I don’t think you can ask/expect/push someone to put himself in that position. He might already be marked by refusing to do the impossible for Trump. You cannot ask him to go further.

And besides, the ONLY way to keep Trump from running for President in 2024 is to impeach him now and forbid him all future federal office. Really, don’t you think it’s worth it to eliminate that possibility, that PROBABILITY? Even if he’s leaving the White House soon and it would be a distraction at the beginning of Biden’s Presidency. We need to drive a stake through this vampire’s heart.

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Terry Baum is an actress, director, teacher, filmmaker, political activist, and award-winning lesbian playwright. Her blog BAUMBLOG is a “Top 100 LGBTQ Blog.”

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