I got out of bed this morning after a not-so-great night, woken up many times by spasms in my back. I gently scolded my body, “Oh you big silly! There’s no need to be all clenched up anymore. The tide has turned!” I looked forward to blogging about a Mission ramble, then lolling in the garden with a cup of tea.

But I always check the papers first. I get the SF Chron & the NY Times seven days a week. One of the things I love about blogging is being required to read the paper, which has always been one of my favorite activities.

So, front page of the NY Times:


It turned out my back was right to be clenching! Silly me to think Der Toddler would give in so soon. If someone like ME know his post-president future looks dim & might include wearing an orange suit to match his orange hair — then HE knows it too.

Also, as Charles Blow says:

“Trump has spent his life gaming the system. It is unfathomable to him that this system can’t be gamed.” — NY Times

So Trump keeps trying and trying and trying, spewing lies and fantasies of fraud. And as long as he’s working his scam, he is magic to his base base. He even re-tweeted one of his followers, who said that anyone who DIDN’T vote for Trump is “unpatriotic, un-American and un-Christian.” Well, I guess I’m two-for-three, since I’m a Jew who believes, along with Samuel Johnson, that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

So it seems Trump won’t quit as long as those fucking Senate Republican flunkies continue to rally around his stinking flag……. Hey, how about charging Mitch McConnell with TREASON! Isn’t this treason? Undermining the election? Now there’s a thought.

So this is where we are now:

  • Trump tweets fascist fantasies, & slowly drives by adoring Trumpers gathered outside the White House & waves to them as they merrily tear down “BLACK LIVES MATTER” posters.
  • On Fox News, Giuliani floats YET ANOTHER false conspiracy theory — that a secret software, designed to shift votes to Biden, kept Trump from a victory of MILLIONS OF VOTES. Says Ms. Sidney Powell, another Trump lawyer backing Giuliani up, “We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.” — says she as she presents no evidence at all.
  • The head of the General Services Administration refuses to give Biden space, funds and information so he can plan his transition — — EVEN THOUGH THIS IS REQUIRED BY LAW!
  • The Secretary of State refuses to forward to Biden the emails he has received from heads of state congratulating him on his victory. Talk about petty!
  • The Trump Administration refuses to give Biden any information on security issues or on the battle against the pandemic.

And what is the President-Elect doing?

“Keeping a disciplined silence”

says the NY Times, with obvious admiration.

I did not vote for Biden so he could “keep a disciplined silence.” I did not vote for Biden so he could bravely be above-it-all and make do as Trump makes the transition to his Presidency as difficult as possible.

In fact, Biden has no right to keep silence, disciplined or otherwise! He said he wanted this job. Now he’s got to FIGHT for what he needs to do this job. This “statesman-like” attitude doesn’t cut it!

I’m not saying that Biden risks losing the Presidency, but while a Biden inauguration is a done deal, Trump CONTINUES doing damage to the whole country! Der Toddler’s election fraud fantasies are undermining people’s faith in democracy as I write this blog. Biden cannot let that go unchallenged until January 20! And, if things go on like this with Biden being excluded from information and planning about the pandemic, the new President will be starting from zero on this crucial issue. That means that more people will needlessly suffer and die!

From my observation, aloofness NEVER works in politics. It simply allows the other side to frame the terms of the debate. It means your own supporters don’t have anyone to rally them, to clarify what is happening.

If someone is lying and saying that you won because of election fraud, you must say with outrage that they are lying, and passionately declare the truth!

If someone is denying you anything that you are legally entitled to, you must loudly demand what is rightfully yours and not meekly figure out a work-around so you can keep going.

We don’t need Genial Joe at this moment. We don’t need accomodating bipartisan Joe. We don’t need empathetic Joe who feels our pain. We need the Joe who will stand up for the

78,735,600 and counting

people who voted for you in the hope that you would have the guts to change the trajectory of this country, which is still descending into the muck despite your victory in the election!

Come on, Joe — Do Something!

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